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The Power within The Emperor's Vault
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The Unlimited, Unadulterated Power within The Emperor's Vault

 It was a well-known fact that the Norse Gods were not immortal. There was an unstoppable event that would come in the future, a prophecy in which none of them could escape. This prophecy was known as Ragnarok, the War of the Gods. It did not matter what bargains were made, nor mattered what deals were struck among whom, this final battle would claim all of the Norse Gods. Thor was to die after defeating the Midgard Serpent. The Norse God of Thunder, who was now Emperor of the Realm Eternal, would slay Jormungand in a fierce battle but Thor would ultimately end up succumbing to his wounds. It was for this reason that Thor collected as many of the artifacts of power that could start the vicious cycle of Ragnarok if they fell into the wrong hands storing them in the Emperor’s Vault. He wanted to delay the war of the gods as long as he could prolonging the safety of the Asgardian race and the lives of the Aesir and also prevent any of these items from being used to conquer or destroy a planet.


 But there was an ulterior motive behind collecting these artifacts, and also, making sure Fenrir stayed chained to Gioll leashed by Gleipnir. This ulterior motive was that Thor craved ultimate, unadulterated, and unlimited power. He was already one of the most powerful beings in any universe due to his unique birth but it was not enough for him. Thor could die in a war or in battle. This is what made the Emperor decide to take whatever steps necessary to make sure it was not him that would meet his ending, but instead, his enemy. Thor rarely ever used the artifacts locked within his vault. He made a vow long ago, and had kept it, that these items would only be used in the greatest times of need.


 The Emperor’s Vault was heavily guarded being located in Thor’s palace. An un-penetrable force field would be activated around the palace if Asgard were to ever come under attack to keep these artifacts safe and prevent the palace from falling. Immense hallways led far into the ground under Thor’s palace where several guards were stationed at different points including six Asgardian Knights always standing guard at the golden double doors leading into the vault. The Destroyer was kept in the vault concealed behind bars that would de-materialize if an intruder ever gained access to the vault who would then be struck by the Destroyers’ disintegrating ray. Dozens of small statues and paintings decorated these hallways of the Aesir but most were dedicated to Frigga, Odin, and Thor. Only Loki and Fenrir went without being honored in these halls, for they were the ones who would begin the terrible chain of events that started Ragnarok.

 photo 7_zpszz9tzcbr.gif


 Thor had gathered more items for his vault since the last unveiling of the inventory of artifacts contained within the vault. Some of them were purchased, stolen, or captured by Odin to ensure the safety of Asgard with the rest being acquired by Thor and his most loyal followers. The first was the Casket of Ancient Winters, an Asgardian artifact, which contains the Fimbulwinter of Ymir. It created massive snowstorms if opened. The hand size Casket of Ancient Winter contained the fury of a thousand killing winters.

 photo tumblr_lqm8tvE1jz1qdd8wro1_500_zpsvlqyv5qt.gif


 The second item was the Orb of Agamotto, a scying ball used for clairvoyance also known to open gateways between dimensions. The Orb is also capable of projecting a telepathic voice and can peer into other dimensions and other worlds, automatically detect and locate the use of powerful magic and reveal any great evil.

 photo VAULT_004_zpss7g52zfo.jpg


 The third item is the Eternal Flame, a mystical flame that cannot be extinguished. It was stolen from Surtur at the dawn of time so that Surtur could not light his sword and bring about Ragnarock.

 photo Eternal_Flame_zpsjv06w8nn.png


 The fourth item is the Warlock’s Eye, a powerful mystical weapon that uses a mind controlling enchantment very few can resist.

 photo odins_vault006_zpss0u4nvam.jpg


 The fifth item is the Tablet of Life and Time. On the tablet was a biochemical formula for a serum, the so-called Lifeline Formula, which could rejuvenate, heal, and grant it's user the chance to reach the full evolutionary potential of its race turning the user into an immortal near omnipotent.

 photo Tablet_of_Life_and_Time_zpsn4jynkyn.jpg


The rest of the items in this vault, aside from Mjolnir in which Thor wielded all the time, were the Emperor’s most prized possessions.

 photo Infinity_Gauntlet_zpsy859r4dk.png


The Infinity Gauntlet, a golden glove containing all six Infinity Gems giving Thor the power to do anything he wants. The Green Soul Gem allows the user to steal, control, manipulate and alter souls, living or dead, and is the gateway to an idyllic pocket universe that is much like heaven. It also has the ability to steal the powers and abilities of others, which is why people argue that this gem is more powerful than the other gems. The Soul Gem is sentient and has a hunger for souls. It is often considered to be the most dangerous and corrupt of all the gems. Mastery of the gem would allow the user to control all life in the universe.


 The Orange Time Gem allows the user total control over the past, present and future. Allows time travel, can age and de-age beings and also be used as a weapon by trapping enemies or entire universes in unending loops of time. Also at full potential grants Omniscience. The Purple Space Gem allows the user to exist in any or all locations, move any object anywhere throughout reality and warp or rearrange space. At full potential it grants Omnipresence. The Blue Mind Gem allows the user to greatly strengthen and enhance mental and psionic power and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings. Backed by the Power Gem, the Mind Gem can access all minds in existence simultaneously. The Yellow Reality Gem allows the user to fulfill wishes, even if the wish is in direct contradiction with scientific laws. The Red Power Gem accesses all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can boost the other gems' effects. Allows the user to duplicate almost any physical superhuman ability and grants nigh Omnipotence. It also grants the possessor the potential to manipulate all forms of energy for virtually any effect.


 The Infinity Gauntlet which possessed all of the Infinity Gems, was at one time, The Emperor’s most favored weapon to wear on his left hand while wielding Mjolnir with his right. The gems illuminated, faded, and illuminated again in sync with his heartbeat while worn. Thor came to the realization over time that this ultimate power corrupted him making him to eager to interject himself and his realm in conflict which could have been easily avoided. The glove had not been placed on his left hand in years and would never again be worn unless the most-dire of situations arose.

 photo Infinity_Stones_Earth-199999_001_zpsk7lfuccv.jpg


 The most recent additions to the Emperor’s Vault were the Infinity Stones which were all-together different from the Infinity Gems mounted in the Infinity Gauntlet. The Blue Space Stone contained within the Tesseract is named for its cube-like appearance and is capable of providing instant access to any location throughout the universe if used correctly. The unique element that composes the Tesseract has also been used to create advanced weaponry.

 photo tumblr_n4wqohXJxv1rhs209o2_r1_500_zpsqe1ezpfm.gif

 photo tumblr_mic3xiNazV1rqsl32o3_500_zps7vjw4it6.gif


The Yellow Mind Stone contained within a scepter. This stone has the power to subjugate the minds of others, bending them to the will of the user, as well as project the user's consciousness to a higher plane of existence. The stone can also greatly increase the intelligence of those who wield it.

 photo il_570xN.387785884_le34_zpsb6zjc0hn.jpg


 The Red Reality Stone is kept within an unbreakable glass display case. It is otherwise known as the Aether and can change its form into a dark red liquid. The Aether acts like a symbiotic force capable of being absorbed into the body of a living host, granting that person immense strength, power, and seemingly unlimited capabilities.

 photo tumblr_static_aether_zpsq6xrmxpl.gif

 photo Aether2_zpspnbjjd99.png


 The Purple Power Stone is contained in an orb. The stone is an incredible power source, which, when used at full potential, has enough power to obliterate an entire planet.

 photo Power_Stone_bare_zpszaav1cxm.png

 photo download_zpsljewa61r.jpg


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