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Thor Returns to The Nine
Category: Story Lines

Thor Returns to the Nine

Part One

The Norse God of Thunder, also known to those familiar with the Empire of Asgard as the God Emperor of Asgard stood on his balcony mentally preparing himself for his return to Baator. Baator was also known as the Nine Hells of Baator or simply the Nine Hells. Thor remembered the previous two times he went to the first level of Baator waging wars against the Draconic Goddess, Tiamat. She proved without a doubt to be Thor's toughest opponent. Thor knew that Tiamat would have devised some sort of plan by now in case he ever returned. Thor's Father, Mother, and some of the Diars strongly advised Thor not to return to Avernus but The Emperor was faced with the harsh reality that if he truly wanted dragons in his military again, he would have to go to the first plane of the nine to steal some of Tiamat's eggs.

Baator is stylized as a plane of sinister evil and cruelty, lawful evil in alignment. The different types of devils that dwell there obey a strict hierarchical caste-like social structure. Each continually plots to advance their position through treachery and deception. Unlike the demons of the Abyss, the devils are highly organized, with a logical and calculating nature. The layer of Baator that Thor needed to return to once again was the first layer, Avernus. He has no desires to travel further into the other layers. The deeper into the nine hells that one travels, the chances that you will never return increase. Avernus, is a vast charred wasteland of rubble over which the iron towers of the Dukes of Hell stand. Legions of devils march across the plains in continual readiness for the next battle of the Blood War. A red light suffuses the sky and huge fireballs fly across the layer, randomly exploding wherever they hit. Beneath the blood-red sky balls of fire burst unpredictably. They are said to be embodiments of the rage of the imprisoned Lord of the First, Zariel.

The Emperor lifted his hands from the stone railing of his balcony and turned to see his Mother, Frigga, standing in the open doorway to the balcony behind him. She wore a worried look on her face and stepped forward speaking to her Son. "Nobody questions your judgement, my son, but I ask you this one time to reconsider." Her hand touched Thor's cheek and the look in her eyes were one that resembled a look as if it were last time she would ever see him.

"Mother." Thor lifted his hand taking his Mothers' hand softly within his. "I have attempted using the channels of diplomacy but it was unsuccessful. The sky of Asgard is not as strong as it once was when the Dragon Reich was here and I must return to Avernus in order to get the dragon eggs. Brynhildr is a mighty warrior, but if the numbers are too greatly stacked against her, she will not be able to defend against an attack in the air without re-enforcements. It is for the greater good of Asgard that I make this journey into the Nine. I give you my word that I will return." Thor released his Mother's hand to begin his journey back to the first layer of the Nine Hells.

The God Emperor walked into the Bifrost wearing his glorious golden armor carrying Mjolnir with his right hand. "Have you been observing the activity within Baator?" Thor asked Heimdall. "I have and you are not going to like what answer for you." The Guardian of the Bifrost replied turning from the clear view of the galaxies to face Thor. "You are correct in your assumption that Tiamat awaits your return to Avernus but it goes much deeper than that. Bel the pit fiend, Arch Devil of Avernus also waits for you. And for the first time in thousands of years, each Arch Devil in command of the individual layers are now working together with one common goal in mind and that goal is to put your head on a spike should you ever return to Baator. You have defeated Tiamat twice in their own outer plane of existence. That is something never before accomplished and it is something that every being within each of the nine layers wants to make you pay dearly for. If you do not go undetected, not only will you have to contend with Tiamat but also Bel, Dispater, Mammon, Lady Fierna, ArchDuke Belial, Prince Levistus, Glasya, Baalzebul, Mephistopheles, and Asmodeus himself. They will all charge through the portals until they reach Avernus and they will not rest until you are captured, tortured, and killed. Are you sure you want to take this journey? It could very well be your last."

A spine chilling, unnerving silence lingered. If the Lords of the Nine were alerted of Thor's presence in Avernus, they would all come for him. Thor knew the chances of him not returning had just increased ten fold. "Heimdall." The Emperor spoke deeply gripping his mighty war hammer with a death grip.

"Open the Bridge...."

(To Be Coninued)

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Magni- Lord of Camelot- King of Walachia-IE


King Magni's Surprise

Avernus... Magni was not looking forward to that. Things with his father, to say the least.. were complicated.. Magni was the only child of Amora and Thor that could personally do something about this Tiamat situation and not be controlled by her like his sisters. His heavy set blue eyes scanned over Kingdom business at the round table. "Send them in.." He said to his squire, his blond locks falling over his shoulders. His blades Oblivion a long, thin and black blade. Powerful and its own living entity..

Exaclibur, a weapon forged in magical/mystical properties. One of the few weapons known to all the realms to have the capacity to handle someone like Tiamat and her fury. Both were stacked like an X against the wall of his war room. His knights came into the great hall, surrounding his table. Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot.. And others all sat before him. He sighed, with his hands clasped together in deep thought.

"I forbid you to enter Avernus!! I don't want any of my children facing the horrors made there!!" His father shouted.. "Who are you to tell of me what I can and cannot do?!! I'm not a child anymore.!! The times of you ordering me around are over!!" Magni shouted back, storming out of his throne room. It was a hard time, he knew that he shouldn't have shouted at his father, but he was tired of always having to prove himself.

Not only as a ruler, but a father in his own right. Tzila had left a long lasting memory with him in his beautiful children and Hel gave him three beautiful children, triplets. It was hard on Magni trying to run two kingdoms and being there for his family. However somehow someway Magni always seem to balance everything out. His children growing so big , it was hard to believe that a short while ago he could hold them each in the palms of his hand. "My Lord?" Lancelot asked and Magni shook his thoughts clear, seeing his knights before him. "You have done far more above than what has been asked of you, in the name of the King.."

Magni said, in a soft.. yet, tone and nature that revealed his true presence as King and established ruler of Camelot. "What I ask of you.. will truly test your loyalty.." Magni said to them all. "Tiamat, the Dragon Goddess of Darkness has captured my father and taken him to Avernus.." Magni said, this caused some surprised looks on their faces. If the Mighty God of Thunder could be captured, than what was to keep from other things happening?

Magni ruled his Kingdoms alongside Camelot, that stood on their own now while being allied with his mother's, father's and sister's. "We are with you my lord.." one of the knights said, causing others to nod their heads. Magni smiled. "I know you are, and this is where I need you to all know why I am making this decision. I need you all to stay here.." Magni said, which caused major protests from all of his knights.

Oblivion growled suddenly in the background, having a dark.. crimson red energy radiate off the blade which caused them all to remain still and calm. "Easy.." Magni whispered to the blade, which in then calmed down itself. The thought of blood-shed and battle excited the blade for another round of death and destruction. "This means you too.." Magni said, which made the blade snort in protest, but understood why he'd be taking the other one this time.

"You are the best.. within the realm, Lady Sif has already come to me with this. She has returned back to the battle and is expecting my arrival shortly. I know the Fearless Valkyrie Captain has entered and my entry will be a surprise. It's our advantage, and I know this will make father more upset than anything, but I have to do this.. Not only as my duty as a son, and brother.. but as an ruler.. I need to show my father, and Asgard.. that Camelot is strong and ready for war.."

Magni said to them. "Aye.. What ye need fer us then mate?" Another knight asked. "I need you all to protect and look after not only my Kingdom but my mother's and sister's. Our Kingdom is in a separate realm that's pretty protected against outside threats, much like Asgard is in having only one main way in and out.." Magni said and his knights nodded. There was no reason for him to go, not in Lady Sif's eyes, nor his family. This was about pride more than anything.

The blood of the Thunder God flowed through his veins just as his mothers did. The thought of battle excited him, he was his mother and father's child. After years, he finally understood that. Magni rose from the table, having his knights follow his lead. "We shall not disappoint you my Lord.." another said, having them all salute him in the process. Leaving now, Magni sighed softly. Approaching the blades on the wall.

Placing a soft, glove covered hand across them. Merlin was left there. "I know your thoughts son.. Speak.." Merlin said in a calming tone. Magni cast his gaze over towards him. Raising a hand, it made Excalibur glow suddenly and disappear. It appeared across his belt along with some back up smaller weapons. His long black cloak hung on the floor, with his boots calm and waiting. "You've been by my side for awhile now.. and.." he paused a moment, looking past Merlin.

"I'm grateful in this reunion.. our family seems to be getting whole again.. and we're stronger together than apart.. but.." Magni said and Merlin nodded. "you are worried about the future.." he said. Magni nodded. "Like your mother, you have the ability to perceive future events. You all do, yours is a little more advanced than your sisters.." Merlin said and Magni nodded. "I've trained your mother, and had the privilege to train you.. the future is not set my lord.."

Merlin said, which made Magni smile softly. "That makes me feel loads better thanks.." Magni said, which made Merlin smile. "Happy to help.." he said, disappearing to leave Magni with his thoughts. He strapped up the leather laces towards his black gauntlets across his arms, fashioning his black armor with the branded symbol of Camelot across his chest. Preparing himself for battle.

Thunderous clouds roared and formed around the Kingdom of Camelot, the ground started shaking among the might and power of the son of the Thunder God. Magni let out a deep breath, and made his way towards his children's room. The most important things in the world to him, knowing they would be cared for in his absence and well protected. They were asleep in their beds. He smiled, kneeling low.. He placed a hand softly on their heads as he looked up into the night sky knowing his other children will hear him. "Dream well little ones, and know your father is with you no matter where you are.."

Magni said, kissing their forehead softly. He smiled, there was something he had to do. He returned from all of his kid's rooms. He had a lot to be thankful for and he knew that this was the time, he walked slowly out of his children's room and disappeared as he did. He knew his mother wouldn't be thrilled about this. It had to be done. Magni appeared in his mother's study now, seeing and embracing her.

He began informing her of all that had been going on. Thanks to Lady Sif, he had been given the head's up.. Magni knew that his mother wasn't thrilled about this. He heard a slight sound near her door, but shrugged it off. He ended the conversation with, "I have to do this.. I love you, but I have to go.." He said, leaving his mother to her thoughts while he disappeared from her personal study. "Heimdall.. you know what to do.." Magni said, having walked out to the courtyard.

It was time to reveal the surprise, and let the world and everyone in it know that King Magni was making his approach. Soon as he said it, a large and brilliant multi-colored beam shot out from the Heavens. Directing its way towards Magni, pulling him through a portal. Instead of heading to Asgard, he arrived at the battle field. Seeing everyone there, Magni slowly walked through the frey, and arrived.. facing his father, Tiamat.

His eyes glowing a dark color from his power being channeled slowly. The ground beneath them all shaking violently. Nothing else mattered now. Magni looked at them. "Tiamat..." he said in a deep voice, the ground shaking more and more. "Your first and only warning... release my father... or become a head on my mantel.." he said in a commanding and deep tone to her. His heart rate slowed down, time and everything slowed down. He was focused, mentally and physically for this battle. His stanzas was perfect, no room for an opening to attack. He was on guard, and wouldn't be caught off guard either.

Posted by Magni- Lord of Camelot- King of Walachia-IE on Fri Jun 16, 2017, 00:06

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Lady Sif /EOA


~Pre- Others Arriving~

"Fandral.. Hogun.. Volstagg.. have any of you seen Thor?" A beautiful woman came into the dining chamber, seeing the three drinking and eating todays meal. "None Sif.. ha'nt seen The God of Thunder in a long time.." Volstagg said behind a pint of Ale.. "Fandral?" She asked and he along with Hogun shook their heads.

"He went down to Avernous.. to confront her.." Heimdall said. This made Sif get a shocked look, the others did too, burping loudly to kill the silence that had been drenching the room after the announcement. "We must aid our brother.." Hogun said and Sif made a motion with her hand. "Avernous has eyes and ears everywhere. Large masses are more easily spotted, otherwise.. the Emperor would have used his own forces.."

"I must venture. Inform Lord Magni that I'm making the journey, and be at the ready. Asgard may need your help.." Lady Sif said, approaching her chambers. She wasn't thrilled about venturing into Hel. She hated the concept and rarely wanted to even think about the idea. She knew her friend was bloodthirsty and the thrill of battle. 'The Green Monster would be a great aid to us right now..'

Lady Sif thought to herself, but cast out all other thoughts. She needed to be sharp, the lands of the damned were for no amateur. She considered herself among the elite of Thor's warriors, the battles they shared.. The blood they conquered. Lady Sif remembered all the Dragons that use to be within the Realm of Light.. back when the land was at peace and the light of the Universe was there.

It would be interesting.. but, that was an after thought. Lady Sif finished strapping and lacing her armor. Placing her dual swords against the back of her armor, within easy reach of them. She approached Heimdall. "The others haven't arrived?" She asked and Heimdall shook his head. "Inform his allies and friends that Thor is in need of aid.. I'm certain that he won't be able to handle this one on his own.. Understood?"

Lady Sif said to him, which made Heimdall nod. She disappeared into the Frost and headed through the cosmos. Seeing the other realms under her, and the vast reaches of the Galaxy before her. Arriving at the field, she saw Thor battling Bel and Tiamat. She caught the corner of his eye, and it almost looked as though he knew she was there and was giving her a command.

Lady Sif.. worried now turned, to confront Hiemdall once again when the Demons started converging on her.. Grabbing both of her blades, she got into her stanzas.. "So be it.." She said, closing her eyes. The first beast charged her, swinging its claws at her. She countered with one of her blades, causing the beast to shriek out in pain. This caused more to converge. "Odin's Beard..." she said, in utter shock..

Legions, upon legions of demonic creatures all began covering on her at once. Swinging and countering with all her might and strength.. "Heimdall!!!" She shouted, in siring pain.. bleeding from the attacks that were given against her.. Her blood being split all over the land, she managed to clear herself long enough for the beam to catch her.. she fell hard against the floor, weakened and wounded from the attack..

"Inform... the others.. Thor needs aid...Send.. everyone..." Lady Sif said, falling against the ground hard.

~Present Time

She opened her mind to someone very special. Thor would be so against this, he would forbid it actually. Even though he was 1/4 Dragon, she remember Magni telling her about a weapon he had. She thought it might help within the battle maybe it could help take down and handle the deadly Tiamat.. She closed her eyes and focused.. "Magni.. he needs... you.." She said, in a weakened voice..

She tried, she tried more then anyone could ask of the mighty warrior. Now, it was a fight for her life. It was something she wasn't use to, being so outnumbered and outgunned the way they were. It was an ambush, it not only got her.. but, Thor as well. She knew that everyone would get Heimdall's message.. She hoped that it would be quick enough, and she knew that if anyone could help Thor..

It'd be him... His son Magni...

Posted by Lady Sif /EOA on Tue Jun 13, 2017, 13:06

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Brynhildr * Empress of Asgard * EOA *


The Fearless Valkyries Hunt for a Dragon's Head

Bryn was angry, down right pissed off. Never mess with a Valkyrie, especially a warrior race like herself. Her blood boiled at the thought of her not aiding Thor on his journey to Avernous.. That Dragon Bitch.. She knew the reason and was infuriated by the thought that she needed aid herself in aerial battles, but she understood why.

She appeared before a sacred alter, upon hearing the news of her Emperor's departure. Slicing her wrist, the blood seeped out of her hand. She looked up at the smoke of the alter, drawing the blood down her forehead.. parting it across the air, saying the prayer of the Valkyrie and the oath of an Asgardian warrior.. Her eyes opened suddenly, showing the fury of thousands of years of battle experience.

All culminating to this one point. The wings expanded out of her shoulders, walking bare in dress to her throne room. "I know what I must do.. Valhalla, the walls.. will be safe.. for now.. our Emperor's needs outweighs my own and I must make the sacrifice needed to appease the ancient ones.." She said, wiping some blood down the right side of her eye.

Her sword upon the alter, almost glowing with the soft sounds of echoed fallen of her past. Grabbing a hold of it, she could feel the might of her angelic like warrior spirit, once again flowing and surging through her being. A smile appeared over her face while her breast plate armor had been snapped in place, following by the rest of her armor, leaving her legs and knees open, but snapping gauntlet like braces across her shins.

She placed the blade in her sheath, her blonde hair hanging at her side. She was less subtle, then most.. and her tactics were fight now and ask questions later. She demanded blood. She turned to her Captains. Five of her finest warriors. "I only require the five.. this battle is not for money.. it's not for land, or the the protection of Valhalla.. it's for blood, honor.. and the glory of our Emperor!" Bryn shouted in her angelic ethereal tone of voice.

Her men grunted and banged their hands hard across their armor as well. The resounding booms could be heard through out the entire Nine Realms. Her wings folded into her skin, allowing her flight. She mused a somewhat smile "Tonight..!! We shall taste !!" She shouted, turning on the heels of her boots, she and her five Captains made their way to the Rainbow Road.. "Heimdall.. open the BiFrost.." she demanded.

Heimdall nodded and slammed the blade through the alter. Bryn remembered, being awoken by her Emperor.. Training with him, fighting endless and countless wars with him. He was at times, as bloodthirsty as she was and that's why she felt a kinship to her ruler. She could tell when he was in dire-straights. She knew that, even if his pride wouldn't allow him.. he would accept it.

Shooting through the portal with her men, she let out a deep breath among landing. "To me you fowl creatures!! Tonight!! Your blood will stain the grounds upon the scorched in which you reside!!" Bryn shouted, raising her weapon at them. The ones that were there, the ambush that had been laid for Thor had erupted already. She was the distraction. It seemed like all of Hell flooded down on them at once.

She was not scared.. she was chosen to die for her Emperor, and die with honor. "For the glory of Valhalla!! For the Honor of Asgard!!" She shouted, soaring through the molten ash covered sky, it stinging her a little. Causing her eyes to narrow, but not disrupt her line of sight. Swinging with all her might and fury, slicing one of the demons in half.

The battle began, and it was glorious. Flight like creatures of all kinds and breeds challenged her might and the might of her soldiers. She knew more and more allies and friends would come to Thor's aid.. It was her job to make sure that they were met with a warm reception upon arriving. Grabbing one by the throat, she looked into his demonic eyes. Fear.. it made her smile, and she slammed its head into another oncoming one.

Forcing them to the ground, and dodging some of the balls of fire that had been spitting outward to them. Swinging one back at the direction of where Thor was. The battle was glorious, fighting left and right. It had been years since she was able to go all out. She'd have to buy Thor a pint of ale after this for a thank you for such a fun time. Seeing more and more of the horde of the damned approach her and her men.

They all surrounded each other in a circle, being surrounded by all of the horde. They channeled their power and unleashed their own furry. A blinding light emerged out from the core of the group, sending it outward into the mass of demon like creatures. The blast of light was powerful and it nearly consumed all of their spirit. They made sure that they had reserved, and were waiting for the next wave.

She chuckled lightly. "The Dragon Bitch of Damnation!! I'm here for your head!!" Bryn shouted, in a deep tone. Her breathing still remained calm and steady, regaining her strength and power every minute with her blade in her hand. She and her men standing at the ready for another attack.

Posted by Brynhildr * Empress of Asgard * EOA * on Wed Jun 07, 2017, 14:06

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Natasha~Black Widow~EOA~SHIELD


Natasha Enters the Frey

"Stark... I don't see him.." a sultry voice rang through her earpiece that was nestled safely in her right ear. Green colored hues peered through the scope of a long range military riffle. She took in a deep breath. "Keep looking, the informant's there.. Furry wouldn't have sent us on a wild goose chase.." he said, soaring thousands of miles in the air for cover.

She couldn't help but smile, the leather boots rested against the hard cement of the roof she was on. They were in one of Africa's lessor known cities. When you'd say primitive, you knew it. The Sun was beating down across her brow. "You think he's got the Stone?" She asked.. "Highly doubt it.. from the intel I received after the reforming of SHIELD.. Thanos has the gauntlet.." Steve said, running across the rooftops.

Nat nodded.. "It's good to see you boys on the same side again.. scrapping Stark's remain ts up off the ground was getting to be a chore.." She said.. "Excuse me? I think I had Cap on the ropes a couple times.." Stark said, which made Steve grin. "Whatever you say Tony.. Natasha.. you're up.." He said.. "Groovy.." she replied, picking up the riffle. The leather hugged her curved body, tactical thin, high grade armor.

Bullet proof, small rounds.. knife resistant in close quarters combat. Her full rounds to her stinger weapons across her wrists were locked and loaded, providing extra bullets and hardware for her. Other various grenades and assortments on her belt were there as well. She started running across the roof.. "Within range.. in 3.. 2..." Nat started saying, while her body started shimmering suddenly.

She started disappearing.. and then appeared suddenly in a different area with the riffle still in her hand. "1.." she said in a soft breath. She cast her gaze around the golden palace that was surrounding her. She couldn't believe where she was, she still had her riffle semi-raised in a defensive mode.. A deep dark voice echoed through out the chamber walls. "Welcome to Asgard.."A deep, booming voice rang..

"Nat? Nat? You there? Over?" Stark asked while he continued to fly. "She's not coming up on the scanners Tony.." Steve said a little alarmed.. "On it.. F.R.I.D.A.Y. do a digital read out scan of the last known area she was in.. send me the read out... yesterday please.." Tony said into his helmet. Steve changed course and started running towards her last location. "Talk to me Tony.." Steve said, seeing him land there.

"Good news or bad news first?" Tony asked, and Steve looked at him. "See these gliffs?" he said, pointing to the symbol that was burned into the roof. "Is that what I think it is?" Steve asked and Tony nodded.. "Give one to the senior citizen.." Tony said, which made Steve roll his eyes.. "Why would Asgard need Natasha's help?" Steve asked.. Tony shook his head.. "Who knows, with her past.. anything's possible.." "Inform the rest of the Avengers.. Thor may need our help after all.." Steve said, and Tony nodded.

*Back on Asgard*

"Asgard? Let me guess.. Heimdall?" Natasha asked and it made the Guardian of the Realm smile at her astute observation. "I see your powers of perception did not fall to exaggeration after-all.. a pleasure to meet you Ms. Romanoff.." he said, extending his hand, she took it. "Why didn't you summon Hulk? Or the other Avengers.. I mean, if you noticed.. I don't have the same qualifications they would have to handle whatever it is you need.."

She said to him and it made him smile. He produced a viewing portal for her. She saw Thor being attacked in a weird looking place.. "This is what you mortals would refer to as Hell.. Thor is currently battling a Demonic Draconian Goddess known as Tiamat. In her portion, she's the Devil.. everything, a five headed dragon is not something to take lightly.." He said, and Natasha looked at him. "Again, I ask.. why me?"

"You are capable of getting into places in and out, undetected.. I need you to get in and provide back up." Heimdall said, producing a dark glowing aura around her wrists. "I've upgraded your weapons, so you can not only handle Tiamat and her deadly power.. but her minions that are there. These are only for one time use, and upon your return, you'll be downgraded to your primitive weaponry.." He said.

"Don't know if I should be flattered or insulted.. but sure.. anything for Thor.. Beam me up Scotty.." She said. Letting out a deep breath with laughter.. Heimdall thrust the saber into the alter before her, causing the ground to shake suddenly. The orb with the cannon mounted at the edge started turning from the previous location, to the location of Hel. "I'll put you right in the Avernous, but it's a vast location.. you won't be able to be near your comrades or Thor upon entering.. be weary.. it's unlike any place you've encountered before.." He said.

Before Natasha could response she was disappearing again.. She shot through the atmosphere, her mouth open.. trying to scream, but nothing was coming out. She felt as though her entire body had been made of elastic, stretching wildly.. She was sure that if Banner or Stark were there, there'd be some scientific explanation as to how fast she was going, but all she could think about was not throwing up in the process.

She landed hard on the surface, in the Avernous.. Her nomadic survival suit she was wearing shimmered a little.. going into a darker shade of black. The smell of sulfur was overwhelming her at first, but after her suit made some adjustments, she was able to breath and see through the thickly dense atmosphere, covered in volcanic ash and soot. Her dark colored red hair hung past her shoulders. She brought out the scope and adjusted it a little.

She zoomed up as much as she could.. she could see mountain ranges and other molten lava pits. Looked like something out of a Tolkien novel.. Each step she took, she could literally feel the ground crack underneath. She looked above, and saw some bat winged like creatures soaring around the top. Thoughts like.. 'My Precious..' entered her mind and she shook her head. Seeing one of the "men" there, she knew what she had to do. She knocked him out and dawned his armor.

She started making her way to Thor's location, using all of her skills as a spy to the test.. "Hang in there.. help's on the way.." she said, pressing a button along her wrist to give out the signal that an Avenger needs help as she made her way along the hard rock covered pathways that kept her hidden and secluded to Thor's location.

Posted by Natasha~Black Widow~EOA~SHIELD on Mon Jun 05, 2017, 11:06

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Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch ~EOA~


"Wanda's Fury"

Wanda took time out for herself, taking in a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe when she heard a familiar voice. She scanned the area. "Figures… voice mail." she said jokingly putting down her cup of coffee then exiting to the ally  left of the cafe.

"I’m on my way, Odin."

Without a moment's thought, she slipped from her hat and Jacket, ready to go and face anything to aide her friend Thor.She made one last scan to make sure she wouldn’t be seen, then he gaze rose to the skies.

"Heimdal, I know you're watching and listening….. send me to him! Thor needs me!"

Wanda’s wait wasn’t long, within seconds she was surrounded within the glorious multicolored beam of energy, lights and orbs floating by as she was transported to her destination.Having traveled by bifrost many times, she was still amazed just how beautiful it was. Just before  she arrived she heard Heimdal voice.

"Avernus, Scarlet Witch. May the blessings of Odin be with you."

The brilliant bifrost lifted, the ground charred  about her feet, a vile-smelling vapors rose, taking her breath away. Falling to her knees, her hand over her mouth, muttering a chant enabling her to breath the vapors  with ease. 

"So, this is Hell…? Love the color, but not really impressed though with the charred look!" 

The distance chatter of the devils was almost deafening along with the howls of hell’s hound, it was clear The Scarlet Witch needed to move about them undetected. She started twisting her hands, moving her fingertips pulling the energy from the atmosphere of Avenus, pulling her hands apart spreading the spear between them making it larger and larger until it engulfed her, hiding her appearance within. 

"Moving about should be easier now…" 

Wrong thing to say. Balls of flame and moulted rock flew threw the sky, one whizzed by her head, the intense heat burned Wanda’s face, even after she tried to shield her face from the flames, another hit the ground twenty feet away, bouncing hitting a boulder sending it flying into the air over the area wanda was trying to clear.  Running towards an overhang of rocks, a fierce and loud sound could be heard, followed by a light breeze that grew intense, pounding her body with shards of volcanic rock and grains of sand, they felt  like needles and blades piercing her skin. 

Lifting her eyes skyward she saw what was causing such a stir 

"Advespa… Five, six or maybe more!"

Trying to stay with them Wanda ran beneath them, unable to keep up she shifted her energy lifting her into the air. Following them around another set of boulders she kept her distance, watching as they started their attack. Shifting her hands back and forth she conquered all of her energy, clenching her fist as she took a deep breath then pulled them apart, once wasp flew to the left the other to the right smashing into the boulders that lined the area they were now in.  

Gazing down she saw Thor, a huge fireball fired directly at him.

"Thor!"His body flew through the air, slamming into a boulder, he wasn’t moving. Wanda started to fly down towards him when a Advespa darted towards her, its stinger grazing her thigh,tearing her stockings, blood seeping from the gash in her leg as she tumbled out of control, slamming hard into the ground below.Motionless wanda laid helplessly as the effects of the sting started racing through her body, her eyes blurred, body on fire. Raising her head was a chore, looking over seeing Thor she tried to focus. 


Wanda’s voice faded as she slumped to the ground, her body started to convulse. The Scarlet Witch’s shield faded leaving her exposed completely, unaware of what was unfolding around her.

After sometime she woke to the feel of the ground shaking beneath her. She rose, pushing herself up on one elbow. She saw Thor, battle worn and blood pouring from the back of his head.Shaking her head wanda tried to focus her eyes better. 

"A Dragon and a Advespa?"

She couldn’t believe her eyes or her ears. Their deep voices  echoed across the surface, taunting the Thunder God.. 

"The Mighty God of Thunder NEVER begs!"Wanda yelled out, interrupting the constant taunt of the pair. Twirling gathering momentum and energy, collecting shards of volcanic debris, sand and gasses. Faster and faster she spun, the red hue of energy grew in size and strength At the right moment she released her fury, sending all that was gathered  upon the Dragon and Advespa. One boulder after another dirt and debis spun around the pair, slamming into one then the other, constantly being pulled back into the catastrophic vortex  called "Wanda Fury"

Posted by Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch ~EOA~ on Sun Jun 04, 2017, 10:06

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Thor ~Marvel/DC Universe~


Thor Returns to The Nine

Part 2: A Gods' Blood is Spilled

The bright multi colored beam of energy shot down through the red sky of Avernus becoming cloaked in the atmospheres dominant color which was a blessing from Odin for Thor. His golden armor also becoming completely engulfed in the intense red light. Large fire balls flew over his head, some exploding in the air while the others exploded when impacting the charred surface he stood on. "I did not miss this place." The Emperor said to himself standing behind a large boulder that Heimdall strategically placed him behind for his entry into Avernus. Thor saw thousands of devils in the distance transporting large war machines. Their never ending preparations for the next Blood War would help Thor in his effort to move about undetected. He would have to take a path less traveled by the devils and Hell Hounds but tracks were almost impossible to detect due to the unfavorable conditions.

The only thing working in Thor's favor at this moment was that he had been here on more than one occasion which made him familiar with this first plane of The Nine. Everything else worked against the Emperor of Asgard with the biggest factor being he would have to travel into the deepest depths of Avernus to reach Tiamat's lair just short of the portal to the second layer, Dis.

"This is now what I need right now."

Thor said after taking just a few steps spotting a group of five Advespa flying towards him. Advespa are female wasp like devils that patrol the infernal sky of Avernus. The God of Thunder swiftly started channeling energy from the violent atmosphere through Mjolnir. His attention focused completely on the winged female devil wasps caused Thor not to notice the large fireball that shot down from the sky like a missile. It struck the charred surface right next to Thor's feet erupting into a murderous explosion that launched Thor into the air hurling him like a rag doll for hundreds of feet. He instantly lost his grip on the mighty war hammer dropping it on the point of the fireballs' impact. His body smacked with a fierce thud against another large boulder. The back of his head wickedly cracked against the stone splitting it wide open. He felt his own blood running down the back of his neck when his eyes closed. Thor went unconscious.

~Deep within the Dragonspawn Pits of Azharul, Tiamat's Lair~

The Draconic Goddess was in her human form. Her flawless figure was naked. Only her supple breasts and womanhood were barely covered by red silk cloths. She laid on a bed, sheets were silky and white. Kobolds hand fed their Goddess cut up pieces of human hearts, kidneys, and eye balls. She was soon heading to the mortal world. Tiamat was very active on Earth making several trips a year searching for evil aligned witches and clerics, adding them to her clergy. The Draconic Goddess' ultimate goal was to form more temples in her name.

~Back out in the charred wasteland of rubble, ricks, boulders, and flying fireballs~

Groggy eyes opened as Thor regained consciousness. He put his hands on the ground pushing himself up to his knees. The gash on the back of his head had already started to heal. His long flowing blond locks were stained red. His vision was blurry but Thor saw no signs of devils or other creatures ahead of him. He turned his head to look over his shoulder seeing nothing behind but he failed to look up missing the single Advespa that hovered keeping a close eye on him. One of Tiamats' many abilities was that she could see whatever the creatures, devils, and her servants saw as long as she had placed a blessing spell on them. The Draconic Goddess had blessed everything in Avernus as often as she could in hopes for this very day.

~In Tiamats' lair~

"He has come back." The Draconic Goddess almost purred as she rose into a sitting position on her bed. The silky cloth falling to her waist exposing her full breasts to the Kobolds. "Inform Bel, and only Bel, that our guest has arrived. I am in the mood for a little foreplay before the rest of The Lords are informed. The anticipation of Thor's screams is making my blood hot. I have been waiting for revenge. I shall not be denied this time."

~Outside the Dragonspawn Pits~

Thor knew that something was very wrong. An abysmal feeling crept through the core of his very being. The warnings from his Father, Mother, The Diars, and now this should have been enough to make Thor call for Heimdall to open the Bifrost returning him to Asgard but The God of Thunder was hell bent, almost obsessed not to leave Avernus without some of Tiamat's eggs. Thor continued to walk. He was very close to the Dragonspawn Pits now and there were still no devils, no creatures to be seen. Everything was too quiet. Tiamat had used telepathy to speak to the plane dwellers of Avernus instructing them to stay far away from the intruder. Thor was not to be touched by any accept for the Draconic Goddess and The Lords of the Nine.

The Maggot Pit was just a couple hundred feet ahead of Thor now, a sea of squirming infernal larvae. Buried within the Maggot pit were thousands of human skeletons. They were would be heroes and adventurers in search of Tiamats' Lair or those wanting to venture past the first plane of Avernus with aspirations of defeating the Lords of the Nine. Thor had not taken flight since his arrival. Traveling by foot was the safest route to not chance being detected. The God of Thunder now felt differently. If he was walking into a trap, he would much rather be in the air than on the ground. He scanned his surroundings one more time in search of Advespa or other creatures patrolling the area but saw nothing. Thor began to twirl Mjolnir in his right hand by its leather strap at a high velocity.

~Just as Thor left the ground~

Two large red scaly strong hands burst up through the charred rubble. One hand grabbed Thor by his ankle preventing him from getting into the air. The other hand held a dagger that pierced through Thor's golden armor embedding into his ankle. The God of Thunder crashed down to the ground quickly reaching for the dagger that easily broke the protection of his armor. An immense figure erupted up from the ground. "Welcome back to Avernus." Bel, The Arch Devil of The First Layer, towered over Thor as he laid injured on the ground. He was covered from head to toe in fiery red scales. Bel bent down grabbing Thor by the throat and his inner thigh lifting The Norse God above his head with ease.

"We have been waiting for you."

Bel threw Thor into a large rock. His ribs protected by his armor but the force of the impact still severe enough to crack two. "Did you really think you were going to come back here and leave alive, God of Thunder?" Bel arrogantly asked Thor as he walked towards him. "Your long life is about to be cut short but not before we have a little fun with you and hear you beg for your life." Bel reached down grabbing Thor by the back of he neck lifting him to his feet. Thor clinched his fists and started firing lefts and rights to the body of Bel. Thor's punches were powerful but not as strong as they could be due to the fact that he could not place full weight onto his left ankle that still had the dagger sticking out of it. Another left found Bel's ribs followed by a right that landed directly into his throat seemingly did nothing but make Bel annoyed.

"You have to do better than that!"

The Lord of the First angrily yelled grabbing Thor by the sides of his head slamming it back into the large rock several times reopening the gash on the back of Thor's head. "Someone wants to see you again." Bel said with an evil laugh grabbing Thor by his throat and stomach throwing him straight up into the air.

Talons wrapped around Thor's armor. The Draconic Goddess caught him in mid air. The fight with Bel did not allow Thor to see the five headed dragon flying above them. Tiamat put a death grip on Thor nearly squeezing the life out of him as she flew at a high speed and then released him. The God of Thunder plummeted down crashing into the unforgiving hard ground of Avernus.

"Your death would be no fun for us if we made it that quick."

The ground shook when Tiamat landed. The God of Thunder was bleeding, weakened, hurt, now with Tiamat and Bel on each side of him.

Posted by Thor ~Marvel/DC Universe~ on Mon May 29, 2017, 14:05

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