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What makes a Legionary?
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Now this is a complicated question and one that is not easily explained for each specific Legion has it's own specific differences, training and equipment. Yet this is just the final coating or icing on top of what is already a very complicated process. Legionaries are chosen at a very young age and undergo a very rigorous physical, mental and emotional training program while they are still children. This includes them being physically and  psychologically broken down so they can become immune to fear upon the field of battle. While the specific training programs depend on the chapter and even some of the more radical implants are unique. 

At the age of sixteen all Legionaries having already been in training at least six years though often longer become subject to the 'Harrowing' a form of religious and medical practice in which the individual is pushed to the brink of death and then taken beyond those gate as their body receives wave after wave of surgical procedures all the while just awake enough to feel every moment of pain and suffering. Now during this process a number of specific implants are placed within their bodies below is a list of the additional organs and changes.

Secondary heart: The simplest and most self-sufficient of implants it allows a Legionary to survive even if the primary heart is damaged or destroyed. This also allows the individual to survive in low oxygen environments such as underwater. The second heart can also be used to regulate the blood flow and metabolic process allowing them to adapt and survive.

The Lysari: A small circular organ located in the base of the cerebral cortex it secrets that affect the ossification of the skeleton and encourages additional growths.It increases the density and size of the bones as well as creating a slow yet effective repair system able to repair broken bones with simple rest. It also mutates the growth of the ribs forming a series of interlocking plates that protect the internal organs.

Biraya: This small implant is located in the chest cavity and is designed to secrete hormones that develop the Legionnaires muscular structure and build body mass.

Haemadrin: This pair of implants placed within both the primary and secondary hearts secretes hormones that accelerate the blood flow and increase the oxygen flow. In the case of injury this implant generates secretions that are carried in the blood to the site of the wound forming a layer of scar tissue near instantly.  

Caderin node: A small implant in the hypothalamus of the brain it is designed to regulate sleep rhythms in this way in sleep derives situations the Legionary is able to sleep while remaining conscious. It alternates different aspects allowing the body to receive a measure of rest though it is no substitute for full rest.

Prestomir: This implant rests at the start of the digestive system and is designed to capture, analyse and neutralize any form of poison, toxin or chemical designed to inflict harm on a legionary.

Trilinary Lungs:Not simply on but three separate lungs that sit behind the additional lungs these can be used in unison with the traditional lungs. Yet in hazardous environments the Trilnary lungs take over as the primary lungs are closed off and the Trilinary lungs absorb the toxic air and filter it to harmless oxygen.

Metachromatic Implant: Placed deep in the brain this implant is to react to toxic, foreign or poisonous tampering with the blood flow this allows the Legionary to purge their blood as new clean blood is cycles this is a process takes considerable control and the individual enters a trance for a couple of heartbeats.

Pradeirs Gland: Implanted in the lip these glands works similar to how a poison gland within a venomous reptile allowing the Legionary to develop a poisonous contact poison they can spit given time it can even be generated into a corrosive substance. 

Canis Drakis: This implant in the hard palette of the upper mouth generates a pair of fang like canine teeth. They allow the Legionary to drink of the blood of their enemy and in doing so they learn fragments of whatever their enemy knew be it tactics, training or confidential information.

Daer Skeletal structure: Using surgical and arcane process the already improved skeletal structure of the legionary is coated in Daer Steel to remain light but become even stronger than regular steel.

Black Soul stone: In a world where soul magic is prevalent the protection of one's soul is an absolute law. As such it is not permitted for one's soul to roam free. Each legionary is implanted with a grown shard of the Eternium Crystal. This crystal is hidden deep within and warded as an arcane artefact to repel any form of magic or attempt to damage or steal the chosen soul. Upon death the legionaries soul stone is removed by priests and placed to rest. It is possible for said soul to be transferred or even hidden away.

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