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Member story lines--Andrrea
Category: Story Lines
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Queen Alpha Bitch *Andrea Labonair*leader of The Crescent Wolf Pack*D.K*TKOS*X
She walked down the trail that led to her cabin so many times before. This time was different, she felt her heart beating fast. Could she really bring herself to do what must be done? Her daughter was safe with Jackson's grandmother. Her son was safe for he had no clue who she or his father was.

Faking his death was the hardest thing she had ever done til now. She finally reached what was left of her birth parents legacy, she often wondered what the Crescent city looked like back then. She walked into her family home and packed up what she could and said good bye to the rest.

She knew Marcel and his group would be looking for her since she revived the Mikaelsons and helped freeded Klaus. Putting the box of things outside she tipped over the gasoline can and walked out. She walked a little further and used her hybrid speed and dug three graves then filled them back up and placed three markers.

One for Hope, one for her son and one for herself. She had made sure to mix their blood in the soil so there was no questions and headed back to the cabin, using the after birth blood of her son and that of her daughter she made it look like a blood bath. Cutting her hand she squeezed her blood everywhere.

She grabbed her 9 mil from her waist band and shot through her hand and leg to leave trace before putting several through the cabin then several through the propane tank. She watch the explosion as she waited to heal, grabbing the box she used her super speed and left in the same way she came. She prayed that it was enough to fool Marcel and his people until they were all safe.

She sat in her car and listened the sirens for a bit before reaching into the back seat to grab her things. After placing the box on her lap she looked through it to find the amulet her mother gave her as a child.

Closing her eyes she focused her Djinn powers on her mother's beautiful face and her loving smiling. She placed the Amulet around her neck still keeping the image in her mind and tele a port to her mothers location. She appeared a mile away from her mothers kingdom, as she walked her everyday clothing fell from her body and was replaced with that of this time and place. 

(Even though her mother was able to be in their time she knew she liked to keep close to her father.) The closer she got the fuller clothed she became, as she reached her mothers door she stood there in a silk white dress with crimson lining. The slit on the left side slightly appeared above the tip of her hip bone. Her outfit was complete with crimson flats that laced up legs and topped off with her crimson Amulet that which held the blood of her mothers mortal blood before she became who she today.

Up on her head layed her Crescent pack symbol of a crescent moon with a tear drop. If you looked closely you would see the Crescent moon was being held by that of a wolves claws and the backing was of small white in color wolves chasing their tails. She looked to the guards who just stood there gawking at her.

"GET A EYE FULL? Like what you see? Come on now take it all in, cause if I don't rip your eyes out my father surly will. Now don't fucking stand there get my mother!!"she said with a low growl.

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