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NO ONE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE IS ALLOWED TO JOIN!!! is an online social networking service that allows our members to set up their own unique personal profiles that can be linked together through networks of friends. members can view each others' profiles, share photos, post status updates, post journals and comments, and describe their interests. You must be 18 or over to join, this is an adult role-playing site with explicit material and we shall not be responsible for anyone that is unsupervised  and allowed to come onto our site.

This site does not request REAL LIFE INFO. The info you provide is information about your character that you choose to Role-Play, Some of this info is available for other members to view, some of it is keep private for only your eyes to see. The info that all members see allow users to identify each other and expand their network of friends. members can change their profile information at any time and can control how other members communicates with them. We do ask though since this is a role playing site that you do put notice up disclaimer that you are a role player and that you do not claim copyright to any pictures or bios etc you may use or post. As addressed in our "Terms Of Use" We will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement made by any members. That includes any copyright material that you chose to use and claim as your own. IF IT IS NOT YOUR OWN WORK, DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT MATERIAL. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!  OUR SITE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MEMBERS ACTIONS!!

Information Used By our site:

The Information you submit to us upon signing up will remain confidential and will not be sold by us to any 3rd party sites. The information you submit to this website upon signing up is strictly used for personal communication by you and your friends. Notifications such as newsletters and alerts are sent via email at your request. is accessed by several users daily and is not the kind of environment to give out your phone number, address, or any other account information. No personal Real Life information is obtained by any of our Users. Journeysendrp does require when you sign up to use a Valid email address, please understand that most of us are busy and having to delete accounts with fake email addresses takes a lot of time that we could be using to scan the site for upgrades and things to make the site something you all want to use and come too. All account information is protected and remains completely confidential As addressed in our "Terms Of Use" We are not responsible for the content of our users and we cannot be held responsible or liable!

Third Party Advertising

Our site will never display ads or any third party information.  Jorneysendrp may eventually ask for donations for our site in order to keep upgrades done on the site, but for now we will not be asking for anything from our members. This site is totally free to write and have fun.

We claim the right to modify this Privacy Policy at anytime.
Journeysendrp is not affiliated with any other social networking site, are any other name resembling the site.